DILA® Universal Decking Connector

The robust universal hidden fastening system DILA can be reliably used for decking applications regardless of board dimensions.

The rear side screwing of the connector to the board is facilitated by an integrated assembly guide which allows easy positioning.

Freely selectable joint spacing adapted to the board width and its characteristics allows for the perfect decking appearance and design. No additional start- or end-connectors are required.

The fastening system is characterized by a sliding and fixed-point installation method: Natural swelling and shrinking movements are optimally controlled and regulated.

The substructure can be wood, wood-like materials or aluminium.


concealed system
Fixing type:
sliding and fixed point
Joint distance:
Decking board:
For domestic and modified wood species
Board replacement:
possible when boards joints are over 6,0 mm
A2 Stainless steel / A2 Stainless steel with black surface coating
UNIA drilling capacity:
ca. 3 mm thick Aluminium
Special feature:
start and end clip modification