Universal Clip Pro

The universal clip Pro is used to fix terrace floorboards to a substructure of wood or aluminium. The decking clip is made of high-strength polyamide, which is UV-stable and long-term frost-resistant. The universal clip Pro provides for a joint width of 6.5 mm to ensure sufficient ventilation. Use the decking clip either with a self-drilling screw for aluminium substructures or a special screw for wood substructures. It is particularly suitable for low-movement (modified) timber and softwood up to a width of 142 mm (thermally modified poplar also up to 160 mm) and with a lateral groove of approx. 5 x 10 mm. The lower sidewall thickness of the groove should be 7 mm to 13 mm.

Our recommendation: For boards without a lateral groove, use a lamello cutter or a similar tool to cut grooves just in the area of the supports.

The decking clip allows non-destructive fixing of the boards without visible screw heads on the wood surface. The base plate decouples the decking from the substructure so that moisture can dry off quickly. It reaches far under the board and thus prevents longitudinal cracking, which can be caused by high point loads. With the special screw, you fix the board from above in the joint, which makes the handling of the universal clip Pro extremely easy. The clamping plate with a thickness of 4 mm supports the upper groove sidewall and thus prevents it from breaking off. The solid clip spacer ensures an even and uniform joint pattern at all times while the large clamping plate reliably holds the board down on the substructure.


made of wood or aluminium
fibre-reinforced polyamide
Clamping plate thickness:
4 mm
Joint width:
6,5 mm
Base height:
6 mm
Supporting depth:
37 mm
Thickness of lower groove sidewall: 
7 mm up to 13 mm approx.
Special features:
UV-resistant and frost-resistant; ensures an even joint pattern; decouples the decking from the substructure; prevents longitudinal cracks;
We recommend pre-drilling the aluminium profiles even when using self-drilling screws, hole diameter 3.0 mm or 3.2 mm.
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